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“Dae Jang Geum” is another major proponent of Korean Wave that heightened the popularity of Korean pop culture internationally.

Joseon Dynasty, a time that female had little influence, Jang-geum became the first female royal physician which is the legend. This drama is based on the true story of Jang-geum, it shows her perseverance and portrayed the traditional Korean culture. The legend of Jang-geum who started to work in the royal palace at her young age, learned medicine and eventually became the king’s first female physician is catching the eye.

The most famous original soundtrack of this drama is “Onara”, the genre of the song is called “pansori” – a traditional Korean genre of musical storytelling performed by a sorikkun (vocalist) and a gosu (drummer). The lyric of the song is a form of an ancient Korean poem, which the language used is unintelligible to the Korean speakers too. Therefore, it turns out to be having a few explanations of the meaning of the songs based on the different phase of life experience of Jang-geum.

Some background information 🙂

  • Genre: Historical fiction
  • Average viewership ratings: 46.3%
  • Written by: Kim Young-hyun
  • Directed by: Lee Byung-hoon
  • Starring: Lee Young-ae, Ji Jin-hee, Hong Ri-na
  • No. of episodes: 54
  • Production Company: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)