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This is a historical-fantasy story adapted from the same-named novel written by Jung Eun-wol. The drama hit a 42.2% peak rating and gained the “National Drama” status.

“Sun Reaching for the Moon”: The Crown Prince who later becomes the King, Lee Hwon, is destined to be the first Sun. He falls in love to Yeon-woo when he first met her. Unfortunately, she dies from a sudden illness. After years, he meets a shaman named Wol and he starts to doubt that Yeon-woo’s death is suspicious.

“Moon Embracing the Sun”: Heo Yeon-woo is destined to be the first Moon. After being chosen as the Crown Princess, she mysteriously fell ill and died before the royal wedding ceremony. She lost her memories and returns to the palace as a shaman after eight years. She is named as Wol, which means the Moon, by Lee Hwon.

“Overshadowed by the Sun”: The Prince Yang-myung, is the second Sun. Although he is a prince, he is always treated unfairly by his father, King Seongjo. He receives harsh treatment but behaves carefree.

“A Mirror longing to be the Moon”: Yoon Bo-kyung, the second Moon who marries to the Crown Prince after Yeon-woo’ s death. She has been in love with Lee Hwon all her life but never get any reply from him because his only love is always Yeon-woo.

Some background information 🙂

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
  • Average viewership ratings: 29.3%
  • Written by: Jin Soo-wan
  • Directed by: Kim Do-hoon, Lee Seong-jun
  • Starring: Kim Soo-hyun, Han Ga-in, Jung Il-woo, Kim Min-seo
  • No. of episodes: 20
  • Production Company: Pan Entertainment