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This is another drama that is themed by the mental disorder that caused by troubled and traumatic childhood experience. However, unlike “It’s Okay, that’s love”, it is not schizophrenia but dissociative identity disorder (DID). A human body has limited ability to cope with the situations that the person confront, if it is too hard to deal with, the body will become disorder to survive difficult situations.

Cha Do-hyun, the main character, have gone through several life-threatening traumatic events. For this reason, he has seven personalities in his body due to dissociative identity disorder (DID). Cha Do-hyun is the main personality of the body. The following are a brief introduction of his other identities:

  • Shin Se-gi is the only identity that remembers all of Do-hyun’s memories, he is sometimes violent and is always vehement.
  • Perry Park is a man that speaks Jeolla dialect and have affinities for fishing and building bombs.
  • Ahn Yo-seob is a suicidal teenager, he has a twin sister called Ahn Yo-na; Yo-na is a fangirl and she is extrovert.
  • Na-na is a seven-year-old girl who has a teddy bear. She is the identity that embodied Do-hyun’s childhood fears.
  • Mr. X is a mysterious guy.

Some background information 🙂

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy, Medical
  • Average viewership ratings: 11.1%
  • Written by: Jin Joo-wan
  • Directed by: Kim Jin-man, Kim Dae-jin
  • Starring: Ji Sung, Hwang Jung-eum, Park Seo-joon, Oh Min-suk, Kim Yoo-ri
  • No. of episodes: 20
  • Production Company: Pan Entertainment, Huace Media